I think a lot depends on what you are shooting and for who - if I hired a photographer to shoot a supermodel at $10k a day (plus expenses) for a campaign in a magazine, you can believe I would attend the shoot and make sure they got a shot I could use. This would necessitate the use of a digital camera for instant feedback and to prevent a second day of shooting. If, on the other hand, I needed to make copies of an artist's painting which is available as required and the primary concern was reproducibility and colour accuracy to the original artwork, I would probably want a 4x5 or 8x10 transparency. The bigger problem is demand - as in, most clients want the photos this afternoon or at the latest tomorrow which would be impossible for most film photographers, even with a good lab.

Fundamentally, the client needs to trust the photographer to produce the images they want for the price they agree on. I want my clients to understand that they are going to get less images and it is going to take more time than other photographers but the quality of those images is going to be better. Not because they are from film but because the medium I am most comfortable getting the better results from is film. If they want someone quicker or cheaper, there are other people than me - but I don't make my living from photographs, so it is easier for me to say this.