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8 exposures last week and 8 more loaded this week. I've been pleased with some and not so much with others. It does, however depend more on the guy behind the camera than the camera. I would assert that designing and building one from the ground up gives one a little more of a relationship with the "box" than buying it off the shelf. I do have a few "off the shelf" pinholes. This project has had me travel down some paths I might not have traveled were it not for the project. It also has me having fun on the journey.
Agreed, the whole definitely becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Building from scratch, (even with my rudimentart tools and skills) you are responsible for your camera's strengths as well as its weaknesses. Even the way you load and expose your film becomes part of that camera's unique signature.

Can't wait to see more images from your beautiful camera.