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The legal right to the trade-name "Rodinal" is owned by a business that no longer trades. The two formulas (old and new) are either in the public domain, or owned by businesses that don't have the right to use the name.

The business that manufacturers the chemistry that is the same as the new form of Rodinal doesn't sell it directly to end users. Instead, it sells it in bulk to businesses that bottle it in smaller, usable quantities and then sell it to retailers who sell it to photographers.

As a result, what was once the new Rodinal is sold under different names in different parts of the world. In Canada the company that buys from the manufacturer, re-packages and then distributes the result is called "Blazes Photography", and their product is labelled "Blazinal". The company is so small it doesn't even maintain a website.
What he said... still, I thought Adox was the actual current manufacturer? Could have sworn they bought the actual chemical process patent. Either way it's alive and well ... for now... I just want the NEW formula "just in case" lol