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hi stone

i get that sometimes too .... sometimes
i think it is called bromide drag, maybe i am wrong, i don't know to be honest ..
stand developing does weird stuff to film because the developer exhausts on the film
and doesn't get agitated to wash off and replenish with new ...

try processing your color-stuff with agitation and see if it still happens

good to see you having fun!
Yea I was wondering if it was bromide drag or if it was just the camera without having to shoot another roll and process it in C-41 since I will be doing my C-41 soon but not yet, and a HUGE batch of it that will take me 18 hours to get through, I want to basically exhaust the film chemistry in one shot to get my monies worth... this is why I dislike C-41, such a waste ... just like E-6 ... there's GOT to be a way to make it cheaper... it doesn't seem like the chemicals are THAT different from B&W that it should be so costly.... well ... I digress... thanks for the thought, I guess I'll just have to shoot a normal roll and develop it normally to find out for sure.