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Finally picked it up. Considering ground glass replacement somehow. Biggest problem is getting film holders.
What did the lens turn out to be?

If you have something that can cut glass cleanly, it's not too hard to make a passable ground glass from the glass in a cheap picture frame. Stained-glass shops and auto shops sell abrasive "grinding compound" powders; you basically put some compound on the glass, get it wet, sandwich it between the glass to be ground and a glass scrap, and apply some elbow grease. It's kind of time-consuming but not difficult.

Any possibility of DIY solutions to film holders? Such as using a light proof cloth cover and insert a plate with the film mounted somehow?
I've never figured out a way to do it, but in principle anything that holds the film and fits properly on the rails should work. I suspect bending sheet metal would be the easiest way.

How about developing? Can I process 9X12 film with film developing chemicals as though I were developing paper (in complete darkness) in paper trays for example?
That's what I do. There are sheet-film daylight tanks, but a lot of them have a reputation for uneven development. A lot of people seem to like the so-called "taco method" as well.