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Couple of points.

(1)The AGFA Rodinal plant is now a contract Manufacurer, who produces the product for several distributors including ADOX. No one has clear rights to the rodinal name so they are all different. At the same time the ORWO version was made by another plant that is now independet, and they sell to some of the same distributors. It is tricky to know which version is which, but some previous threads have indicated that there is not too much procical difference between them. I am not sure of the Foma Versons are from the same factories or if FOMA makes their own. Since it can't be shipped mail order, the only one I have been able to get latly is Blazenol.

(2) the Chinesse film situation is murky, but Shanghai GP-3 seems to be still sold with resonable dates from a couple of Sellers in China, Hong Kong, Thiland, and perhaps other locations. The product and it's package have a kinda "Home made" feel to them, but they are capable of good results. It is the ONLY film that I have found that will feed reliably in my Shanghai 4 TLR. the backing paper of other films will slip on the film metering wheel. Rumor has it that the Lucky SHD 100 in 120 is now gone. The ERA film is suposidly also out of production.
Freestyle will ship by mail, just has to be ground mail. Unless Canada has different rules than the US.