Here is what is often called the ultimate meter.. the Gossen Ultra Pro and it includes the 1/5/10 degree spot meter. Super accurate and in mint condition.Even the manual is in a plastic bag. Perfect.
Do a google search to learn all about it but it is amazing. Price is $400 for both.... plus shipping and paypal or money order.

Read this review.....
It's too bad that this meter is out of production, it was one of the best that Gossen ever made.
Out of the box, the Ultra-Pro is a very versatile instrument, capable of continuous, flash, reflected, and incident metering. It also features a full range of photometric functions. Where the Ultra-Pro really shines is when you start to add its vast array of accessories. These include a rotating incident attachment (a must have), a 1/5/10 degree spot meter, a color temperature attachment (2 color), fiber-optic probe, microscope adapters, TTL attachment for use with large format cameras to meter in front of the ground glass, as well being able to use all of the attachments for the Luna-Pro series of meters such as the vari-angle, enlarging, and copy attachments.

The Ultra-Pro features a large LCD display, but it would have been nice if Gossen had added a backlight as the LCD can be a bit difficult to read in the dark.

This single meter does the work of most other meters and it does it more quickly, simply, and reliably. A single, conveniently located function switch can be set to control any of 16 modes of operation.

The Ultra-Pro offers reflected or incident light measurements in both ambient and flash modes, with your choice of aperture or shutter preferred readings in the ambient mode. The flash mode provides cord or cordless readings of both single and multiple flashes. Photometric readings are just as simple - with the flip of a switch, you are provided with a direct readout of density values, lux, lux-seconds, footcandles, footcandle seconds and candela per square meter.

The Ultra-Pro provides a new definition of meter technology.

Reads flash as well as continuous light
Full range of photographic and photometric functions
Direct digital readout of contrast range and flash-to-daylight ratios
Simple, one-handed operation
Microprocessor controlled, solid-state design
LCD digital readout in 1/10-stop increments
Built-in exposure timer (1 sec. to 126 min.)