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Agx you're a genius!thanks for this increible information!...I'll buy again my loved scala...Anyway the price in opinion is a litlle expansive!
My"pusher" sold the expired Scala at 2,50 euro each film...with a discount at the end if you many films!
I remember that the last year i bought the last scala stock of that seller,60 films at 1,70 euro each film!...beatiful memories!!!
I hope find again a similar offert...but it's very complicated today!
Anyway...I'd like to know if it's still possible to find agfa Scala in 120 format,it's not a problem if the films are expired.they still work perfectly!what wonderful film the scala as negative...I never used it as diapositive!
The most beatiful negative that I used...
I didn't find any film today that give me the same brilliant prints that given me the Scala.
I don't know if is better to buy the last Scala's stock of Fotoimpex as recommended by Agx or if to start using and studing the new emulsion (from Adox?)that it seems to be the Scala heir...
After all,sooner or later Scala stock residuary will finish and i have to look for a film that give me similar features.
I know it will be very complicated because Agfa used a very high quantity of silver for the Scala (30% more than the others films!!!) and it today
this seems to me very difficult to happen again...
I don't know if this new emulsion from Adox is suitable also for negative use...and above of all with the same performance than the Scala.
I'd like to know if someone did try this new film!
Just buy one roll of Silvermax and one of Scala and take the same images on both and compare, then buy LOTS of the one you like simple.


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