Yes I know that it seems a stupid question...or better...i know that it is a real stupid question.
"the problem" is the following:i work at a second hand company called Cash Converters.
There,in the shop we buy and we sell old camera (for the common people a Nikon FE for example is just a old camera good only for a decorative use!)
Often I ould buy cameras at ridicolous prices...and they `re cameras that I know only for the name...may be because I'saw them in an old magazine (Icollect old photography magazines)...I can't know them when they came out because I'm young...So sometimes,it seems something stupid,I think:is this camera a real good camera if I'm paying for it olny 30 euro with the lens as for example my Nikon FE...this camera looks' black and it hasn't scratches or new!
You start to think after meny years working with this philosophy that you love these stuffs,but that they have no value...after all,of course I know that it isn't the truth...but it's really complicated to me!...I believe that I need to change my work!ahahahahah...can you believe that sometime when I say to the people that i'm using that camera they're selling or better...they're giving as stuffs worthy garbage...they look to me thinking that I'm stupid...?.
They asked me if I don't know that today the photography isn't the film...and the old camera!!!the photography is like the the telephone...the Ipad...the ipod...ecc...ecc...
So what do you think?...Did I buy a great camera for only 30 euros or is this people right thinking that I'm crazy?
Is the Nikon FE a nice camera or Must I use it like a paperweight?