Canon EF is a less expensive alternative, and I believe, displays all the things you need to see (90% sure of that). Also, one of the few (perhaps only?) Mercury era camera that automatically adjusts for 1.5v batteries. But the meter is center weighted, not spot. Want a true spot? Canon New F1 with one of the very pricy focusing screens (in the NewF1 the interchangeable screens dictate the type of meter - averaging, center-weight, spot). Also, one of the most "true" spot meters in cameras of that vintage, from what I understand (most narrow angle of metered image).
Then there is the T90. Robust, FD lenses, shows all the things you want to see and then some. Ugly as sin. Basically an EOS minus the AF.

I believe your best choice is the NewF1, given the tru-pro level range of accessories and durability, very fast motor drive, variety of focusing screens and the ability to work fully mechanical if need be from (I believe) 125th of a secon upwards - the slower shutter speeds are electric. The batteries are of a currently available type, so that is another plus.

The only pro-level feature glaringly absent is the MLU feature (present on old F1 and EF) - but as one of the helpful APUG members advised me, it is actually not needed as the mirror slap is quite insignificant. Given the affinity for these cameras showed by sport shooters with their long lenses, I think he has a point. On the other hand, all other makes offer mirror lock up on their pro bodies, and oddly enough, so does Canon on the EOS series of pro cameras...

Here is a very exhaustive source of NewF1 info:

Funny, I was actually toying with the idea of asking the consensus wether to buy an EF (which I can buy now) or wait for the cash to buy a New F1...

Currently have an AE1 - its a nice consumer camera with a host of features that are quite useful, but would not come close to fitting your requirements. Excellent cheap and plentiful back up for whatever you do buy, though!

One tip - for a normal lens, look for the older, "locking ring" type SSC 1.4 lens - its a jewl, and considerably superior to the newer one. Then, of course, there is the 1.2...
Also, FL lenses will fit FD cameras, but must be metered in stopped down mode for true readings.

Best of luck,