Well, telling comments!

To those of you who say or infer that ALL normal lenses are in the $30 range today, I say NO!!! Normal Minolta MD or MC lenses as well as M42 and Konica and Yashica bayonet ones can be had for about 1/4 the price of a normal pre-AI Nikon lens. Canon normals and Pentax K normals can be had for about 1/2 the Nikon ones or less. Sorry, that is what I experience in the Philadelphia region.

Why don't I simply avoid the Nikon bodies? Because the temptation is too strong with prices so low. About a year ago I bought eight Nikkormats for less than $100. They need lenses. 28mm and 135mm aftermarkets are NOT a problem. You see, I want to have my cake and EAT it too: dirty rotten spoiled, I am. And, somehow, someway, I WILL GET a bunch of normal Nikons and not spend much. Few know how persistent I can be in my enduring quest for frugality. But I wanted some feedback and I got it. Thank you all.

As far as the most seemingly sensible answer "get a mount allowing M42s": we (most) already know that that 'solution' demands another lens element being introduced into the equation because Nikon bodies are so 'thick' (46.5mm distance between mount and film plane). I am sufficiently 'purist' to not allow that 'optical ignominy' to happen. - David Lyga