photograph people, because they are so overweight and dress so poorly now. (see the Walmart people photos now on youtube). I'm not going to photograph men with no collars, or women in pants. And this is a genteel description of the present style. So I shoot barns and pastures and the like.

Boy.. this is so true. I live in New Mexico and standard dress code here out in public is Sponge Bob sweats, flip flops and stained T shirt. This is the MO for both men and women. No one takes pride on how they look. Film or digital shooter stuggle with shooting people these days. I remember I shot a wedding some time ago. The couple was average however the the uncles did want to tuck in thier tux shirt or make the effort to look nice. I felt very diappointed on wanted to do for them, but without the cooperation from people it will never happen. I'm not shooting weddings any more. They also try talk you down on the price, with the statment of "Just a little Ceremony". Sorry.. I'm straying from topic. When I shoot an assignment, I usually ask for two week turn around. So, being timely is consistant with either film or digital. I should mention that I have access to high end film scanner that scans negs to give 1.5 gig images.