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To those of you who say or infer that ALL normal lenses are in the $30 range today, I say NO!!! Normal Minolta MD or MC lenses as well as M42 and Konica and Yashica bayonet ones can be had for about 1/4 the price of a normal pre-AI Nikon lens. Canon normals and Pentax K normals can be had for about 1/2 the Nikon ones or less. Sorry, that is what I experience in the Philadelphia region.
Fine, but that does not make the Nikon lens price "outrageous". It just shows that they are worth more in the marketplace, therefore there is greater demand for them. Nikon is one of the current Big Two manufacturers, with a mount that will take old Nikkor glass. That is why there is more demand for them than for lenses in Canon FL/FD, Contax/Yashica, Minolta MD/MC, Konica, M42, etc, all of which are obsolete mounts requiring adapters to use on digital cameras. Pentax is less popular currently than the Big Two, with a large amount of K-mount normal lenses out there, so it follows that demand is lower, affecting prices.

Why don't I simply avoid the Nikon bodies? Because the temptation is too strong with prices so low.
So, you want no other make of camera, even though you can find many of them for the same cost.

You see, I want to have my cake and EAT it too: dirty rotten spoiled, I am.
Ok, so rationality isn't a strong consideration here.

And, somehow, someway, I WILL GET a bunch of normal Nikons and not spend much. Few know how persistent I can be in my enduring quest for frugality.
I expect you will, and good luck with it- I hope you find them soon. It is the best solution given what you want to accomplish. If you enjoy your quest for frugality, that's what counts most.