Good morning all,

I don't know why I didn't think to post up on here earlier (...probably because I haven't had time to so much as log in and have a look around here in months!), but I'm on the hunt for some 35mm film canisters, just your plain old plastic cans, nothing special. My sons daycare has a list of things they're trying to collect for their art & craft corner to kick into the new year, I raided my stash and only came up with about two dozen (I wonder where the rest have gone, sure I wouldn't have thrown them out, I'm too tight!).

So if anyone, preferably in or around Melbourne/Geelong, has a bag full of empty plastic canisters tucked away that you have never had a use for, but your inner hoarder protested every time you tried to throw them out, I'd really appreciate your help! I travel up to and around Melbourne most days for work, so I should be able to pop in and collect them off you at some point.

Thanks guys! You'll be making some little tackers really happy!