thanks for your answer,guys!

I can confirm that the FE doesn't eat the battery...
In my other FE(not the black one that I've bought some days ago) the battery is duryng one year.I use it
very often...and the battery still works is almost at half of the original power.
It's almost one year that I'm working with this model...and it`s so simple that it looks like a toy-camera but i know it isn't so!...the constrution of this camera is excellent and of an highter class than the others cameras.Metallic body with some classic part of plastic,as in the leicas or contax bodies.Even the superexpensive "tank" Canon F-1new,camera desi[FONT=arial, sans-serif][COLOR=#666666]gned only for a professional users had several plastic partes of the body!
[/COLOR][/FONT]I saw an old catalogue with the prices of the reflex cameras of that's incredible the price of the Nikon FE/FM...they cost the doble of the Canon ae-1...and almost the same price of superavant-garde canon A1,at the time the most completed and sophisticated body in the market...everyone,at any rate,knows that today this camera (Canon A-1) presents often or always serious problems,unfotunately:above of all the problem of the magnets of the shutter that eventually will consume up to be useless.
This Canon has been an authentic failure!
the only problem in the FE could be the mirror look up very loud...but it's not at all a problem... and I would explaine why it's is not a problem at all.

his aspect frightened me very much, for me the main feature of any reflex must be the damping of the vibrations induced by the movement of the mirror.
but an old technician who knows very well the nikon fm and fe told me that the very loud mirror look up in the FE doesn't

oduces no vibration, because the photo was already impressed when the mirror returns! ... wait a minute ... I'm getting confused ... I do not remember how it worked ... but I was assured that the movement of the mirror can 'make vibrations to photography ... I repeat do not remember the mechanism by which I mean' ... but we should not worry about this.
he told me that in the FE2 the mirror look up works in an other way...y and that camera there's many vibrations that can affect the photo!
I hope someone explaine to us how it works!