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Another reason to dislike Lomo. Sorry to hear of your troubles. I doubt it is Foma film as I've shot loads of Fomapan 100 in 120 and never had this issue. As people are reporting this issue with Shanghai GP3, I suspect they are the supplier of this 'Earl Gray'.

How do you find the Holga? I'm tempted to buy one of the WPC versions to shoot 6x12, I'll remove the plastic lens and fit a Ross Wide Angle Xpress f4 5inch in shutter. The cheap plastickness of them puts me off, how bad are the light leak issues?
I quite like my Holga. It is not my favourite camera by any stretch, but it is a good occasional tool with characteristics I have come to know and understand.

My Holga is remarkably leak-free for the most part, though I do notice a touch of vignetting in the corners. I don't mind the plastic lens, though I wouldn't mind a proper aperture setting and perhaps a variable shutter. My camera is slightly modified - as stated in my original post, I added a black flap over the film counter window, and I keep the back secure with a heavy elastic. One of the first things I did with my Holga is screw a 46-55 filter adapter into the plastic of the lens housing and added a rubber lens hood. I'm not a fan of scratches, so I buffed the film mask rails to eliminate a couple of annoying burrs which would occasionally mar the film.

I have considered a couple of other modifications, but don't want to mess with things too much. There is the "close-focus" mod in which you replace the plastic focus stop with one a few degrees farther around the barrel, and the "true aperture" mod, but I really don't want to get too far into the innards of the camera... it works fine for me the way it is.