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I saw an old catalogue with the prices of the reflex cameras of that time...it's incredible the price of the Nikon FE/FM...they cost the doble of the Canon ae-1...and almost the same price of superavant-garde canon A1,at the time the most completed and sophisticated body in the market...everyone,at any rate,knows that today this camera (Canon A-1) presents often or always serious problems,unfotunately:above of all the problem of the magnets of the shutter that eventually will consume up to be useless.
This Canon has been an authentic failure!
The Canon AE-1 and A1 are actually an achievement by Canon. They managed to offer about the same features as the FE for much less and with the A-1 they could offer a lot more features for about the same price. Canon sold a lot of cameras because of these. The AE-1 was the best seller.