I used Caffenol CM per Rheinhold's Recipe on Eke R25 10 minutes minimal agitation. Despite some comments that Efke R25 Did not like Caffeine the 120 negatives looked beautiful. I used the same batch of developer on Acros 100 for some reason digital truth wanted me to use 15 min minimum agitation, and these negatives came out completely clear, except for the most miniscule traces of data.
This is the Efke image: https://dave-brown-2dhx.squarespace....hts-and-seeing
F22 1/4 sec in open sunlight with Polarizer filter.

I am going to make an attempt to pull an image out of the noise on the Acros Roll, (which was 35mm btw).

I am on about my fifth or sixth developing experience with some variant of Caffenol and have until this Acros 100 roll been extremely happy with the experience.Sight Seeing.jpg