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I bet your Fed-2B will work fine and be fun to use the J-9 on. I've recently discovered J-9s, and they're as good as the 50mm J-3, very nice rendering. What I find interesting is the rising prices of Soviet Barnack style cameras, and falling for Leicas. The other day I searched for early Fed 1s and came up with several that had sold for over $150. Some over $200. The average was about $100. Then I searched for completed Leica IIIcs from the post-war period. Their average price (bodies only) was about $200.

The same is happening with the Jupiter lenses, which now go for about 75% of what a Canon, Zeiss, or Nikon Sonnar type go for.

Ten years ago when Leicas were $400 and up for a Barnack body, the $29 Feds and Zorki's were a good buy and substitute. Now that they are within $50-100 dollars of each other, I'd say go for a Leica or Canon at some point. Actually, the Canon IVSBs and Niccas and other Japanese clones go for MORE than the average IIIc now...
It's funny you mention that. I was just shopping around for a Fed or Zorki, and I was amazed at how high the prices get. I started looking for a Zorki because I read they were cheap and relatively plentiful; and while they're still in my price range more than a Leica III or a Canon, it's just amazing how the market fluctuates.

The question is: why? Is it because of some resurgence of film photography, interest in Soviet history, or just some quirk of the global economic condition?