Shipping for all these things is FREE in the US.
I use USPS Priority just to make things easy.
Except for the Halliburton cases. Those will go FedEx.

PayPal accepted.


1. Rinse and graduate stuff $25
- spool rinse tower
- two graduates
- siphon
- stirrer/wisk

2. Thermometers. One is a floating mercury unit, quite old. $15

3. Pair of Nikor tanks. $25
- Short has 2 135 spools and tall has 2 120 spools.
- Plus a couple of extra thingies just laying around

4. Tacking irons
a. Big one. No brand on it. Roughly 2x9 inches. Plus a large felt pad on the opposite side $25
b. Seal brand used small one. $20
c. Seal brand looks unused, in box small one. $25
d. Iron cleaner. Free to the first purchaser of an iron who wishes it. If the irons sell and nobody takes it, $8.

5. Glass
a. A bunch of 5x7 (mostly), varying thicknesses. One ground glass, one white frosted. Some was with a 5x7 enlarger. $16
b. 8x10 glass. Still wrapped in its black paper inside, though I cannot vouch for its treatment in past years. Re-coat it yourself if you need glass plates. $25

6. Canon filters. $25
- 34mm Y1 and Y2 for your old rangefinder.
- Plus a Tiffen thrown in for good measure.

7. Halliburton cases
- They're rough but usable. Just add your own guts.
a. Big. 26 x 18 x 9. $50
b. Small. 21 x 17 x 7. $40