I read a post (not this forum) about the similarity between D76 and D94a. It said that they are very similar but that D76 is stronger. It then said to get something like D94a, to add 1L of a 10% solution of sodium thiosulphate to 1L of the D76. I'm no chemist but I looked at the two formulae and thought that they looked a bit different in terms of relative quantities of components.

Simply put I want to try d94a for tri-x reversal processing but I cannot go through the process of mixing it from scratch at home. I thought that adding sodium thiosulphate to some D76, would be within the scope of my knowledge and resources, though. And I'm also dead keen on sticking to a potassium permanganate based bleach which I believe fits in with the sodium thiosulphate in the dev.

Any view on a simple path to D94a, please?