Here are the most recent cards I received. Some of them I got back around Christmas but I've been moving house and my internet connection is frustratingly bad so I've not been in the mood to post on APUG. Anyway I'm back now...

MooseOnTheLoose - lovely christmas-y pic. Nice grain and soft focussed parts. Makes me want to try some Delta 3200.

Music in The Street - from Houston (the name smudged off in the rain). Nice skewed angle (don't see enough of this imo) which adds dynamism to this photo - very suitable for the subject.

From South Bend USA - label fell off this one I think. No details on card.
Very curious picture. Strange shaped display dummies. My eye keeps being drawn to the shrivelled up tights in the background.

James O'Gara - Beer Can Building
Sharp and contrasty cityscape. Love the clarity.

Oxleyroad - Old New Windmill
Atmospheric country/rustic scene taken with a classic camera on Shanghai GP3 (which I am planning to try). The out of focus trees in the background give the photo a dreamlike feel abd contrast well with the windmill in the foreground.

DRPSilver - Happiness...
Very solid, clear print. Love the message. I keep it next to my monitor as a little pick-me-up. Reminds me of an Atget storefront shot. Wonder how it would have looked without the polariser - not as clear obviously but I do like reflection in a photo (kind of 2 images for the price of one).

Raimundo Civera - a colour pinhole photo. Wide angle Paris hisorical building. Crazy colours (looks a bit lithy) but effective.