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The guy mentioned he was inquiring about Kodak Gold. Kodak Gold 100 is $2.25 at Adorama in New York. Portra 160 is $6.99.

What you linked to is the only extensive side by side film comparison I've ever seen on the internet of any kind. It is kind of odd. As much discussion that goes on about this emulsion vs that emulsion you would think someone would sit down every so often and do a definitive comparison. I see comparisons between one or two films all the time. But a big monster comparison seems pretty rare. I personally wanted some kind of monster comparison for B&W like this.
He said DRUG STORE we are talking local prices which are WAY different from B&H / Adorama prices... You can buy PanF+ for $5 in NY at the big stores but my local shop charges $9 for the same film... The cheaper film like Kodak gold is $6 at my drug store...

That was my point the drug stores around here charge way more than you can get better prices at the big camera stores by buying online. Anyway this is only in the US and I can only really talk about the northeast for sure.

You can certainly find some good deal somewhere but you really have to search:


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