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I was trying to make my own gray-scale Wedge with 11 steps and decided to add a section where detail was present inside a zone.
for zone V i took the value of 127 -+ 12 and ended up creating a brick/mortar pattern. I haven't tested this on film yet, but it seems that detail for darker zones seems clearer.
Is there a better way to do this pattern? maybe darker zones should have less variance from the middle value....

Thanks for any advice!
I like the idea, but IMO, the gray scale that is presented should be in keeping with a bonifide zone system gray scale, especially if references to zones are going to be your norm. I realize you are in the beginning phase of it, but for example, your Zone I contains way too much detail to be Zone I and the same for Zone IX. I would simply refer you to The Negative and the chapter on the Zone System and the sub-sections of "The Exposure Scale" and "Dynamic and Textural Ranges"------------it's all there and is easily understood. I've created the gray scale as described (after doing effective speed tests of course) and it pans out that way very well. Again, it's a good idea IMO.