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Even the statement about significantly better performance of so-called Apo lens (because none of them except for the apo-el-nikkor are really apochromatic design) is huge generalization.

Enlarger lens test begin on page 77 if I remember correctly.
Nice link. I am surprised at how few studies actually get done in the photographic world. Everyone just gets by on anecdotal generalizations. Looks like the author really put in some work. I didn't jump on the APO band wagon. Premium enlarger lenses can be purchased for next to nothing but the prices for modern good condition APOs are a bit prohibitive. I will scrape by with what I have for now. If APOs get more reasonable I'll see what I can get and test.

Another interesting thing in that book is the shocking lack of QC across the board. I guess tightening standards would make lenses prohibitively expensive.