To OP:

Bleaching and Toning of B&W is not an alternate process.... it is part of a traditional B&W process.

What I do sometimes when my print is ...just...a...bit...too...dark... is to take beaching part of my sepia toner, dilute it A LOT, then bleach the whole print for 15 seconds, wash, fix, wash, dry, and repeat the process until I get it just right. You can do it with farmer's reducer, too, but once mixed it will only last few minutes.

My sepia toner is from Photographer's formulary, so if you are interested, you can either buy their product or look at the tech sheet and find out exactly what's in it. I take something like 50cc of that stuff and dilute it with 500cc of water. By the way, this stuff lasts very long time. Mine has been going strong for two years.

Key is to dilute the bleach so much that the process is really really slow. It's so easy to over do this.

Also, if you have a highlight, they tend to go first, so you could end up losing some detail there.