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He said DRUG STORE we are talking local prices which are WAY different from B&H / Adorama prices... You can buy PanF+ for $5 in NY at the big stores but my local shop charges $9 for the same film... The cheaper film like Kodak gold is $6 at my drug store...
Mmm... okay. But your statement was still false using your own number...

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Why are you looking for this info? Are you relatively new to film shooting?

I only ask because drug store film prices are often HIGHER than high quality film prices if you buy online.
Portra even if ordered online is still more expensive than even the drug store Kodak Gold price you posted and there is the small matter of shipping.

Anyway my point is regardless of whether you buy it locally or online there could be situations where you would want to use Kodak Gold. I think the OP is asking a valid question. Online Portra is almost three times as much as Kodak Gold. At those prices you have to wonder how bad Kodak Gold really is. Personally if it was sold in medium format I would give it a whirl. Also Kodak Gold is sold locally. In many place Portra isn't. So if you are stuck and need a roll your choice is either Kodak Gold or nothing. The quality of Kodak Gold or whatever else is on offer will determine what I will choose. I don't do much 35mm stuff but the question of just how crappy Kodak Gold is has crossed my mind.