A lot o people have thrown there hat into this thread and there are some excellent suggestions here.

I would actually say a good a choice to look for is the Pentax Espio Mini. You can also find it under the model name of the Pentax UC-1. Same camera.

Unlike a lot of "cool compacts" it hasn't quite achieved that cult like status so you can still find them pretty damn cheap. I bought mine for $20 off some guy in Seattle through craigslist. It's not the most handsome camera, in fact I would say it is pretty damn plain, but the lens is amazing!!! I also love the fact that it can focus down to 1 foot and even has parallax correction in the viewfinder. The size is also perfect for a coat pocket and the clam shell design is handy. It's not quite as small as the popular Olympus Stylus Epic but considering the premium price those camera are fetching now i would look for a UC-1.