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Mmm... okay. But your statement was still false using your own number...

Portra even if ordered online is still more expensive than even the drug store Kodak Gold price you posted and there is the small matter of shipping.

Anyway my point is regardless of whether you buy it locally or online there could be situations where you would want to use Kodak Gold. I think the OP is asking a valid question. Online Portra is almost three times as much as Kodak Gold. At those prices you have to wonder how bad Kodak Gold really is. Personally if it was sold in medium format I would give it a whirl. Also Kodak Gold is sold locally. In many place Portra isn't. So if you are stuck and need a roll your choice is either Kodak Gold or nothing. The quality of Kodak Gold or whatever else is on offer will determine what I will choose. I don't do much 35mm stuff but the question of just how crappy Kodak Gold is has crossed my mind.
OK I did some research, to be fair I'm used to looking at the 120 prices, not 35mm, so since the amount of film in a 35mm roll was comparable to a roll of 120 (in terms of surface area) I assumed the prices were similar. They are not.

Also I did notice most drug stores sold rolls of 24 where the B&H is a 36 frame roll, so they aren't the same, the only good things to compare are the pro packs, who (on this forum) just buys ONE roll? its silly to do that, so I'll compare the "Packs" which BTW are also 4 packs while the B&H are 5 packs of course, so for $25 you get 5 rolls of Portra 160 while at the drug store it costs $24 for a 4 pack of Gold 200...

So, I'm NOT wrong, the prices at B&H are MUCH better, for $1.99 more you get 84 more frames!

HOWEVER for some reason the Gold 400 is much cheaper for the 4 pack at $14 while the Portra 400 is $35 so in that case it's STILL better for portra at 68 cents per image for the Gold but only 51 cents per image for the portra, again because of the 1 less roll and the 12 additional images per roll...

This is my logic...

I'll go tomorrow and actually shop a store to get official prices as I'm going off of the online prices listed for Walgreens and CVS.

Either way, I wasn't wrong.

HOWEVER it appears B&H ALSO sells gold, and they sell the 36 frames for $12 for a 5 pack which is MUCH better.

Still means I'm right, better to buy from B&H.

As far as quality, I'm given to understand that Gold is portra (or whatever the current pro color film is), basically they do a run, test it, if it doesn't pass for pro film by Kodak standards, they make it Gold, if it passes they make it portra.

PE can correct me.

So it's still pretty good stuff.


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