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These processes are quite a bit different after the FD step. In the case of E6 you have a color developer which forms a dye wherever silver halide is present, after which a bleach&fix step removes all silver. In the case of b&w reversal you remove all silver, then develop the remaining silver halide, and the thereby created silver is not removed but actually is the final image.

Therefore I don't think you can reuse much between E6 and b&w reversal except, maybe, the FD. You could, of course, also use the E6 CD as b&w redeveloper, but there should be cheaper alternatives.
So theoretically, if I had some leftover E-6 and no more rolls to process I could run B&W rolls through it and get B&W slides?

I have some E6 in the basement and no chrome left to use it on so I would love to know.


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