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Hi all,

I have the Mamiya RB67 70mm back which is designed for perforated film. Can anyone share their experiences of using it with unperf film? Do you need to dremel off all the little nubs from the left roller or can it work unmodified like some say the Hasselblad A70 back can? Will it work just as reliably with perforated film thereafter or does it depend on the nubs for frame spacing?

The reason I ask of course is that I can see some nice unperf film for sale at a good price, plus Ilford have stated they'll do unperf 70mm in the 2013 ULF run and I'd likely grab a roll of FP4.

Wait back up!! Ilford said they are making 70mm??? Where??

Also, I think the only issue you will have is that the advance number might not work properly.


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