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I believe it was not your intention, but I find the statement a bit rude.

It simply works for me. I like playing with the technical side of photography and currently I have a few different films in my fridge. It could take me quite some time to get 36 photos on each of them, so cutting gives me shorter turnaround time. Besides, it takes less than 5 minutes to do it, so your statement is really... nothing but rude.

Besides, the question was not "what do you think about repackaging" but "how would you do it" .
Sorry, yes it wasn't at all my intention to be rude at all.

If you enjoy this, then go for it, I guess it just seemed to me to be such an excess amount of energy, but if that works for you I can understand, and I do apologize I wasn't at all trying to be rude.


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