A lot of this will come down to personal preference. I've used TMax 100 and Delta 100 almost exclusively, developed in a few different developers and I shoot both of them at an exposure index of 50 under normal conditions anyway. My exposure index is actually 64 with these films but I consider 1/3 stop virtually meaningless and within the margin or error. You have to then do a few tests to find the development times that work for you shooting at 50.

If you are pleased with Ilfosol 3, no reason to switch. It is a little grainier than ID-11/D-76 but probably slightly sharper, and these are very fine grained films to begin with (Delta 100 is about the same as Pan F and TMax 100 is even finer grained). The two films will work well in a variety of general purpose developers. ID-11/D-76 diluted 1+1 or more, XTOL diluted 1+1 or more, etc etc. Stick with Ilfosol if it is working well for you.