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And I prefer to stick to ISO50 vs. 64 or 80 (I use the sunny 16 rule and no meter, and I'm not sure my little brain would like me trying to compound things further by throwing half or third stops in the mix).
I think it does matter a bit to what density range film is developed for a scanning workflow versus darkroom printing, but I'm not up on that part of it. I have an established time for shooting TMX at EI50 when I am planning for N-3 development with hc-110 (1:119), but that is the only time I expose TMX at that rating. With t-grain films, I'm of the opinion that 1/3 stop increments can be important as opposed to traditional grain films like tri-x, it is a well known fact that t-grain films are more sensitive to exposure and processing inconsistencies, just something to think about.