First, I apologise if this post is inappropriate, or if it will be considered advertising. Moderators, feel free to either move or delete, if not within guidelines...

Anyway... (I posted this on Large Format forum, too... but I'm trying to get as many opinions as possible, not necessarily just from large format users, but primarily from photographers still using film.)

I'm about to start organizing photo tours in Croatia, geared primarily towards analog landscape/nature photographers, particularly those working with large format. I haven't seen many similar offerings in Croatia, and those that I've seen are guided/organized mostly by foreigners, and do not cater specifically to analog/LF photographers (i.e. are obviously not photography-centered, and are restricted to usual commercial itineraries).

I'm a local, and will be organizing such tours with a friend who is also a large format photographer, who lives in Plitvice Lakes national park (and who also has fully equipped B&W and color lab, JOBO processor(s) and equipment, including scanning services).

The tours will mostly be through Plitvice lakes national park, Velebit nature reserve, and we're also planning some seaside stops...

We're planning 7-9 days tours, with organized accommodation, transport by van/minibus, etc. The web site is about to go live in a few days, but before we put everything online, I thought I'd ask for comments by those who might be interested in visiting Croatia...

We're planning several tour variations, but the first one we'll offer will be some time in late April, duration most likely 8-9 days, with arrival/departure from Zagreb (airport).
The typical tour will comprise of about 4 days in Plitvice lakes national park, 1-2 days of Velebit nature reserve and 1-2 days of seaside (island Pag and perhaps a day trip to Zadar...). All in all 9 days max, including travel from/to Zagreb, with group sizes of up to 7 people max.
Accommodation will be relatively modest (private guesthouse, two four-person apartments, relatively cheap), but practical.

In short, these are the issues we're still struggling with:

1) Duration of tour
6 days is too short, but I feel that 10 days would be the practical maximum. Any comments on that?

2) Tour dates
Tours will be restricted to periods outside of main tourist season, which is July/August. The first tour is tentatively planned from April 20 to April 28. Any international holidays or other issues we should keep in mind? Any particular dates to include/avoid for future tours?

3) Exclusion of more famous locations
We're not planning a visit to Dubrovnik (too far, too much driving, too expensive), and the Adriatic coast sites will be restricted to island Pag, and perhaps Zadar (relatively close to the base on Plitvice lakes). The tour is primarily geared to landscapes. Is that a potential turn-off? I'm of the opinion that those who want to visit those other locations can do so after (or before) the official tour is over, at their own leisure....

I'll be thankful for any comments/suggestions you might have