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Gee whiz, the way youse guys talk you'd think all of us were off their nut. I know I am. I have 50 film cameras in my living room. No Leicas, just ordinary-priced but great cameras. They multiply, like rabbits.
Once you go black, you never go back :-).

I tried several times but failed to count my cameras without writing it down.. and I'm just too lazy to take that trouble. I keep forgetting the one in my coat, or in my other coat, or in that nearly forgotten bag, or in the car (actually two, now that I think about it: a 4x5" and a Canon S90), or the one I lent to a friend (ah, right, that's where my Zorki 4 is, but I didn't miss it yet...), or.... It must be between 75 and 90.


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