Sorry for the long delay of these R27 comments. I got too side tracked fixing up boy scout gear to get it ready for the spring over the Christmas holidays, and these cards did not get noticed until I went to file away extra prints of my R28 images.

Bluejeh Judy – Quite the mystical feeling this image leaves me with. Like a scene in my mind out of the Hobbit sort of. The receding path is quite nice. The day this was shot looks rather overcast, and that is likely what makes the path pop. It would be neat to see the contrast of where your eye is pulled at this scene on a sunny day.

Bluejeh2 Ed, soothing water in the foreground, and the leaning trunk of the tree channels the spirit of some primordial indigenous canoe of the past to me . Nice micro tonality in the texture of the tree bark, an muted representation of the leaves. A nice low key image.

Lorifrommontana- Yellowstone – The mountains in the background in this image have an almost painterly feel, where some great being has shaped them with some giant brush. I like the way the image is framed to make the near, mid-ground and background sit as near thirds. I could have done with a bit more pop in the print, that a higher contrast filter might have produced.

Rai – Well I saw Les Mis and I really enjoy the feeling that your image reinforces. It takes away some of the pain of listening to Russell Crowe ‘sing’(and I use that word very loosely here) his role in that movie.