I happen to have two winders broken/semi-broken on both a Nikon FE and an FE2.

On the FE the film door won't open by pulling up on the winder no matter what I try (without forcing, of course).

On the FE2 the winder is completely gone (I suspect part of it has fallen off in the film compartment). I have heard there is some way to put something inside the empty hole and release the film door latch but I haven't been able to verify that.

I'd like to take the winding mechanism out of the FE and place it in the FE2.

Finally, am I asking for trouble by disassembling the camera? I have screwdrivers to open it but am a bit nervous that opening it up it will "explode" and I will not be able to get it back together. I don't have magnifiers and professional precision tools but I do have exploded schematics for both of the cameras.

Thanks for all tips/hints/etc.