I may have to rethink this.... I had posted this as a low-priced full package for someone wanting to get into large format. My reasoning was that sold separately, I would want at least $1650 so someone could buy this, keep what they wanted and make some money selling the rest separately. That 4" extender sells new for $700 .... the linhof-toyo adapter is $223.... hell, the little folding focusing hood that fits over the ground glass on the sliding roll film holder is over $200 and it is like new. So if the package doesn't sell by Monday, I will consider parting it out and make the extra myself. I should point out that the roll film back pops into any toyo 4x5 including the view cameras and is super slick. B&H even says you can use digital backs on this item. Dark slide built in, bright gg and those mamiya holders hold the film very flat. Have printed 20x30" that are super sharp!!!