It sounds like you have unrealistic expectations after you shoot a roll of film. Why did you think the photos were going to be so successful? What qualities were you expecting and didn't show? When I look at my proof sheets, I always ask myself why I shot each image. Maybe I have two or three (or no) images I like on a roll of 8-12 shots, but I want to know why the shutter got clicked on the others.

There are two of me, the guy who shoots the film, and the guy that develops the film and finds stuff to print. The first guy can can get caught up in the moment, be overly optimistic, and wasteful of film, but the second guy can be a critical jerk! It works best when the second guy is thoughtful enough to explain to the first why some shots work and other don't--and suggest tips for shooting. It also helps when the first guy listens with an open mind, and maybe points out creative some ways to print some of the shots that don't look like blockbusters from a quick glance.