Do you shoot colour film but have no interest in setting up a colour darkroom? Are you looking for a quality, affordable alternative to the professional labs? Give me a try. I've been processing my own colour film for the last 8 years with beautiful results. I am just a hardcore enthusiast who loves to shoot on transparency film. I've shot on all formats from 35mm to 4x5 and I still do. I even just finished building an 8x10 camera that I plan to put some gorgeous Provia 100F into this week! I also picked up some NEW Lomography Peacock 110 slide film for my Pentax Auto 110 cameras. I'm a dozen shots in and can't wait to see the results! I am slide crazy! There is a complex science behind the manufacture of modern day transparency film and we should be thankful that such a unique product still exists to archive a visual history of our world.

My goal is to share my processing services with like-minded individuals who shoot colour films and want the most consistent, reliable chromes and negs possible. I want new-comers and veterans alike to enjoy the benefits of shooting colour transparencies and negatives without breaking the bank. It is so much more fun and rewarding than anything digital. If we keep using the stuff, chances are, it will stick around.

Need to be sure your films are processed properly and with care? You can get your first few rolls processed for free!

Visit and learn all about my services. Please read the FAQ page under the More Info tab to learn more about minimum film quantities, shipping and packaging, customer discounts, and processing frequency.

This is a mail-order business so I open up my services to the world of colour photographers. If you live in Toronto, drop your film off personally.


Thank you,