Well, About 2 weeks ago I finally sent the camera to Garry. He wasn't able to fix the DOF lever. He was pretty sure the screw was too rusted for him to remove without breaking it off. He did some other repairs though, and a CLA. Just got it back on my lunch break, haven't had a chance to really look it over, but a quick glance looks pretty good. Stinks he couldn't fix the DOF preview, but I suppose I'll live. The foam was in awful condition anyway and it was unusable without new foam. Before sending it I clicked the shutter a few times with a lens on and the deteriorating mirror foam left bits of crud on the lens, and I'm sure would've on the film as well.

Will probably send my FE to him eventually (and maybe FM) as well, after checking over the FA a bit better and using it. Right now, seems like a good price for good, quick service.