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Because I am thinking in terms of those "tough-dog" repairs, to coin a phrase from the old TV repair days. Those cases when you go back again and again on a service call to keep repairing the same thing, being the DAMAGE that the original problem keeps creating. The set works fine a while, and then whoosh! the same resistor is sitting there burnt to a crisp again.
Where in God's name is the problem?-- the problem that keeps causing the damage that keeps getting repaired. Now to get away from the TV repair analogy, sometimes the hardest thing in fixing something is to get the blasted thing to have the problem while you're there to repair it. So many times the dadgum problem WON'T SHOW UP, when you've got it up on the workbench. And this cold-weather bug just had that smell. But then, I'm one of those poor slobs who is cursed with the ability to repair everything. There's nothing I can't fix expertly. I would trade that ability in a New York minute for the ability to chase women.
Freezers with subzero temperatures are not only extant, but common. It's how I check my stuff, minus 18 to 22f is where my little chest freezer runs. Just put the item in a ziploc baggie. One of the first things I learned was to find the problem, not to put a bandaid on the symptom, whether it's an engine, a TV, a watch... well, you know what I mean.