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The next time you burn through a roll film, also make an equivalent image of the same subjects using a non-film camera. While your roll is out being developed, study your non-film images. When the prints from the film roll arrive, then you can make a comparison. If you find that you really liked some of your non-film images, but their film based equivalents just didn't cut it, I'm sure the cause will reveal itself at that time. The purpose of the comparison, of course, is to demonstrate that memory is not always as accurate as we imagine to be. ;-)
I try to get into the mind of shooting roll film like sheet. This roll was spread out over two days - about five frames a day. I can spend half an hour or more deliberating over a composition, but it's as if I have a psychological barrier with the viewfinder. Sometimes I feel as though I can only perceive space, rather than perceiving the space in two dimensions. Is the inability to pre-visualise a cognitive disorder!? I've occasionally taken pictures with my phone through the viewfinder, then stood back and assessed the composition. I'm using a Pentax 67 and a Hasselblad, both with viewfinders which don't give me full coverage - which is another factor in my 'viewfinder anxiety'.

I try not to make excuses to buy new cameras, but my mental block with the viewfinder is one reason LF appeals to me. Then all I have to do is stand on my head