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Thanks. I was only loosely quoting out of a HW Sams book called "Tough-Dog TV Repairs". I'm like you--find the ORIGINAL problem, IF you can get it to show itself while you've got it up on the bench. I had a Pentax ES with a cold-weather problem. Imagine a camera that's not worth $20 on EBAY could become such a strict teacher on problems that hide from the repairman. I could put that camera in the freezer all day, and it would not jam after my repair. Leave it sitting on the table, and it worked. Come back next morning after the wood stove had died out, and darned if it didn't jam again. Tough-dog repairs.
Good ol' Howard W. I can remember tricks like putting a tomato paste can over a tube to make it heat up faster and maybe show an intermittent problem. Blasting things (not tubes!) with the freon dusters would sometimes show intermittents, too.

I had a Zenith console with a maddening problem in the convergence circuits, the bottom convergence would change intermittently between good and way off, I traced it to a coil on the convergence board...after about 5 hours.