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Okay, I file this in the uneasy category of Things That Don't Make Sense But Were Nonetheless Empirically Observed: When separating 120 film from its paper backing in my home darkroom, I would swear I see a faint glow as I pull off the tape.

Now, there's no explanation I can come up with, unless there's some kind of micro-chemical reaction of the adhesive hitting the air and giving off a tiny puff of luminescence, but I figured I'd ask you guys if I was crazy.

I think it happens with all film, but the most recent experience and the one I'm surest about was Fuji Neopan Acros. Not so much when I pulled off the paper backing, but when I removed the UPC-code strip of tape at the very end/beginning of the roll, I'm sure I saw something. Total darkness, in my bathroom, with my pupils presumably fully dilated from hanging out in total darkness for the five or so minutes it took to get the film spooled onto the reel up to that point. And no, I have no superhuman powers that I'm aware of.

Has this happened to you?
It will have zero to minimal effect. Exposure is Illumination X Time and the illumination is very minimal and the time is very short.