Do this, batwister: some evening, in the near-dark, bring your camera and tripod to a quiet, but visually intriguing place, one that is not too bright. (With few people around you will have the opportunity to ponder the photographic philosophy that Andy K brought us from the deceased Henri von Lier.)

Now, just look around without HAVING to make an immediate determination. I promise that you will soon see a configuration or two that will pique your curiosity. The darkness takes care of keeping the 'literalness' out of the picture and demotes that configuration to mere design, without tangible purpose. Expose, based upon a low lit indoor scene (like a romantic restaurant venue). You just might get an image worth looking into more closely, or, perhaps, one that will force you to now see what you just missed. This is how we grow visually. it is worth an attempt. - David Lyga