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Simon has been on here a couple of times (google it!) saying that 70mm will be in their annual ULF run, which means it'll get cut if there are sufficient orders placed. Badger sold a bunch of it last year.

Anyway... anyone tried unperf on the Mamiya back?
Sorry for the interruption again, so do I contact him directly on here or is there a sign up page somewhere?

Also, the unperf often goes to a graflock setup with rubber rollers, you could replace the rollers?

Here I have one so I took pics...

It's kind of the same material as that "shticky" lint roller device on late night "as seen on TV" adds.

I'm sure you could find one and replace the roller on the perforated gear side and then it would work for both perf and unperf film?

Sorry if that's not helpful.

I would just test it, I mean you sound like you have a lot just run through 2-3 feet of images and see if there's any issue with frame spacing or advancing. I don't think it would damage the gear just maybe cause the film in one corner to not be as flat?

Best way to know is just to do it and find out. Post the results as I have about 200 feet of unperf myself


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