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Yes, very nicely done!

I use a pinhole self-portrait as my avatar.

8x10 on litho film, developed in 1:~6 Dektol -- camera was a 250sht box of photopaper
Pinhole of undetermined size (in a brass shim, probably .002 or .003" thick)
Exposure was around 5 minutes. Camera less than a foot from my nose.
Cyanotype (obviously!)

The below is not a pinhole shot, but I would like to share it anyway...I hope no one minds too much. The great shot above just reminds me of it...

Two Minutes in the Life of a Photographer
Yosemite National Park
Scanned carbon print (8x10 negatibe)
Thank you Vaughn, and I've always liked your avatar!

That is a very nice carbon print, something I would like to try someday......