A curious consequence of the Leica camera having an imprecise viewfinder was the necessity of cropping Henri Cartier-Bresson's much acclaimed "Puddle Jumper". Cartier-Bresson shot verticals with the viewfinder to the right thus displacing the lens to the left. The Puddle Jumper negative was exposed through a gap in a fence. Cartier-Bresson plumb forgot to point the lens through the gap and not the viewfinder! Consequently the side of the negative was obscured by a paling in the fence Cartier-Bresson was shooting through. The imprecision of the Leica viewfinder and its uncertain framing stands in stark contrast to Cartier-Bresson's insistence on "no cropping". I believe the "no cropping" rule was about asserting power over control and ownership rather than aesthetics. Later generations of photographers can thank Henri-Cartier Bresson for that. Here's a link to the H.C-B blooper: